How to find easy Keywords

In this video I'll show you how to find easy keywords in YTCockpit.

What are easy keywords? These are keywords where a ranking in the first positions is possible in a foreseeable time and with a reasonable amount of investment.

Meanwhile the keywords should have a great potential nevertheless. The best case are keywords with barely strong concurrence on youtube, but with a very high demand.

Let's take this Keyword search as an example.

Once you start using the YTCockpit search options like Youtube- or Google suggest, 

you notice quickly that it can escalate to hundreds, if not thousands of results.

In our case YTCockpit gave us in fact over a thousand keywords. 

How can we know which are the ones we want? 

Which are the easy and affordable ones?

Foremost we can filter for the average amount of views. If you have a keyword where all videos have a crazy amount of views, you probably will have a hard time to outpace your competition. 

That's why we say, for our example, that we only want to see keywords with less than 20'000 views per month. 

The list now contains just have as much keywords as before.

Next, we filter after the percentage of HD-Videos. If you find keywords where there aren't all video results HD optimised, 

you'll have a much higher change to achieve a top ranking. 

Therefore, we say that we only want to see Keywords where there are less than 75% of the videos in HD.

Now the list contains just 163 keywords.

Ultimate, we filter out the monthly search demands and say, that they should contain more than 1000 demands per average. 

After all we do want profitable keywords.

What's left are 18 top keywords with which a top position for videos is not only viable, but also worthwhile.